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“Maintaining environmental balance, without impacting on nature. This is the value of the brand RE-WOOD, arised with the desire not to waste what is a resource for mankind: THE WOOD.”

Riccardo Franco

We start from here: old obsolete buildings. We save them from abandonment and bring to new life. Every beam, every board is for us material to reshape.

After eliminating impurities and metal parts, our wood is stocked and stored in special drying facilities. This process gives a greater biological durability and a warm and unique coloring without using any chemical agent.

We design with collaboration of architects and designers and work in symbiosis with production, creating a synergy between ideation and dexterity.

We work using artisanal techniques, the result of creativity, passion and dedication handed down from generation to generation, mixed with a modern and eco-sustainable production process.

The final item is the SUMMARY of all this.

Ecosustainability and respect for nature, natural nuances that recall the environment to which the wood belongs, beauty and originality. A Made in Italy product that last over time.

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